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As an advisor, you care about your clients and have their best interests in mind. By presenting philanthropy as an essential element of your practice, you can help your clients to invest their resources in ways that connect their passions with the needs of our region.

As your community foundation, we’re here to make it easier. When your clients desire to do good through charitable giving, we work directly with you to create a flexible, effective philanthropy strategy designed to achieve your clients’ goals.

We can match your clients with the causes they care deeply about and offer extensive knowledge about local charitable organizations and emerging community needs. From arts and culture to recreation, education or even aesthetics, we are a neutral resource that works with the entire nonprofit sector to improve livability within our community for now and future generations.

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We are available for consultation to meet with you and your client to discuss philanthropic options. Whether you’re just starting the conversation, or have a specific circumstance, our professional and experienced staff is here to help.  

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Generosity. For Good.

A Donor Advised Fund is an effective tool for charitable giving that provides benefits similar to a private or family foundation without the hassles. Donor Advised Funds minimize the worries and administrative burdens of grantmaking, so you can put your time and energy into what really matters: making a meaningful impact on the community, organizations and causes you value.

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Denny and Carole Dotson

After decades of running an internationally-renowned business and contributing countless significant financial gifts to the community, one might expect Denny Dotson, owner of Dotson Iron Castings, to be a bit of a self-taught fiscal mastermind. But Dotson always credits his childhood friend-turned-attorney, Jack Regan, with the best financial advice he has ever received. Read More

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