Useful Tools For Getting the Word Out

Your innovative work deserves recognition, and we request that you use all available opportunities to help spread the message of philanthropy's impact on our community. Recognizing that your project or program is funded by the Mankato Area Foundation (MAF) and our Fundholders helps to demonstrate the impact our work has in the community and inspires future donors to establish a fund with MAF. It also helps others learn about the issues facing our region and where they can make the most difference.


We appreciate an acknowledgment of your grant in whatever ways are within your organization’s communications capabilities. Whether you promote your story via print or digital materials, social media and/or press releases, we ask that you share with us any with links, screen shots and attachments related to the publicity of your grant.

MAF does not require any advance review of your publicity unless our staff or board members are being quoted in your materials.


In making references to the Mankato Area Foundation in publicity and other promotional material(s), please use the approved wording below:

Single Fund Gift

Option 1 – if the funding you received came from MAF directly, use:

“This project is funded (in part) through a philanthropic gift from Mankato Area Foundation.” 

Option 2 – if the funding you received was distributed through a fund that is held at MAF, use:

“This project is funded (in part) through a philanthropic gift from the [insert fund name] of the Mankato Area Foundation.” 

For a single fund gift, you may also use our logo:


Multi–Fund Gift

If the funding your received came from multiple funds held at MAF, use:

“This project is funded (in part) by the [insert fund name], [insert fund name] and [insert fund name] all held at the Mankato Area Foundation.

If you wish to use a logo for a multi-fund gift, here is an example of  the approved logo and listing of funds:


MAF Logo Usage

Our logo is available in a variety of file formats including:

EPS files - Use when working with a design program or professional printer.

JPG and PNG files - Use when working with PowerPoint presentations, office printing software or web.

For a current version of our logo and logo guidelines, please visit Media & Publications on our website.

Foundation Description

If you need a description of MAF, please use the following:

“The Mankato Area Foundation is a donor-driven community foundation whose purpose is to improve the livability in Greater Mankato through philanthropy. Our community foundation connects donors with causes they care about, provides funding to address key community objectives and convenes individuals and organizations to find solutions for local challenges.”

Note: Please always refer to the Foundation as the “Mankato Area Foundation.” You may use “MAF” on the second reference.

Download Sample Press Release


  • Contact local media outlets through a press release, email or personal phone call.
  • Provide stories, photos and videos to MAF for use on our social media, website, newsletters and other publications.
  • “Like” and “Follow” MAF’s Facebook and Instagram pages and tag us in posts about your project.
  • Include #thanksMAF in your hashtags so we can share your social media posts.

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