MAF Advisor Toolkit

Your client’s best interest is always at heart. We understand that and feel the same way. The following resources are available for you to review and download as needed. They can help guide you in conversations with your client regarding philanthropy and help you strengthen your relationship.

Why a Community Foundation?

Community foundations are a resource for local nonprofit organizations to gain information, advice, and support. They serve as a matchmaker for donors to support causes that connect with their values. Read more about the importance of community foundations.

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Private vs. Community Funds

Time invested, cost, privacy, taxes and requirements vary greatly between private and community foundations. This comparison chart breaks down the differences between the two types.

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Donor Advised Funds 101 & Fund Types

How does a donor advised fund work? How much involvement is required? We explain the mechanics and flexibility of a donor advised fund and provide a description of other fund options.

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Investment Partners Program

We created the Investment Partners Program (IPP) specifically to enable donors to maintain existing relationships with their trusted advisor while benefiting from our community knowledge and philanthropic expertise. Through the program, you remain involved in managing the assets while fulfilling your client’s charitable goals.

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Starting the Conversation

You’ve built a relationship with your client based on your expertise and trust. Discussing philanthropy is a way to strengthen that relationship and potentially extend it for generations. We listed life situations that open doors to these conversations and questions to get started.

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