Seth Ferkenstad

Seth Ferkenstad serves as the CFO of Smith Lawn and Landscape and Voigt Smith Innovation since May of  2017.  These businesses have a wide variety of services, products, and customers, both locally and nationwide.  Prior to his current role, he worked as a CPA at a local Mankato public accounting firm.  Through all of these experiences, he’s been able to interact and work with clients of all manners and examine businesses from an inside and outside financial reporting point of view. Fostering growth and innovations has become a true passion. 

Seth has volunteered for local organizations such as MAYBA youth baseball, Mankato United Soccer, and Mt Olive Lutheran basketball.  He enjoys playing sports and spending lots of time with his wife and two boys. 

Seth currently serves as treasurer of the Mankato Area Foundation Board of Directors. Appointed to the Board in 2019, he also serves as chair of the Finance committee.