Hi, my name is Katie Freyberg, wife of Tyler Freyberg. I work for Patterson Companies as a Business Analyst. I grew up in Coon Rapids, MN and attended Bethany Lutheran College. When I’m not working or volunteering, Tyler and I enjoy traveling, being with friends and family and being outside.

I’ve worked at Patterson Companies for 14 years where I’ve held different roles.

My family consists of my Mother Diane, Father Rick and younger Sister Anna who all live up in the north metro. On the Freyberg side I have my Father-In-law Steve, Brother-In-law Corey, Sister-In-law Shelly, Niece Danielle and Nephews Charles and Levi.

I love to travel, I love being with friends and family, gardening, being on the lake, golfing, volunteering.

A summary of your mother-in-law’s cancer journey:
Lynette’s story began in March of 2022. She went in with trouble breathing so they admitted her right away to have emergency heart surgery where they placed 2 stints. They then scheduled her for bypass surgery but again the pain she had was too bad, so they transported her from Mankato to Rochester for surgery right away. She then went home to recover. While recovering from her surgeries more pain persisted in her spine, so she went back in. They did tests and blood work, and her levels were just not right which had an indication that she might have Multiple Myeloma, but to do more tests they needed to get her stronger, so she had to go to Swing Bed facility in Waseca she was there for 2 weeks. They did more tests and diagnosed her with Multiple Myeloma in May. She then started treatment. In October they decided that they needed to try a Bone Marrow transplant with her own Bone Marrow, so Lynette and Steve moved to Rochester mid-November for a month and Lynette began the treatment each day back and forth from their condo to Mayo. Lynette became good friends with the nurses always telling us stories. She returned home in mid-December and began to heal. She continued infusions treatments here in Mankato. She was finally cancer free on January 27th, 2023! Things were looking to be on the right path, she got back to work, went to family events, grandkids sporting events, things were really looking up. Then June 30th, 2023, the multiple myeloma resurfaced. She began infusion treatments again and things were ok. She was one tough cookie putting a smile on her face the month of July and August, making it to the cabin a couple of times and other events for a few hours to see family and friends. September 10th Lynette got a call from her doctors saying that she needed to come in because again her levels didn’t look right and that they wanted to change her meds.  September 13th, she ended up back in the hospital in Mankato because she wasn’t feeling well again. They then ended up transporting her to Rochester on September 15th where she endured more issues until she finally told us all someone else needs this bed more than me just take me home! She was so selfless! Steve and Corey transported her home (because she did not want to ride in one more transport van) on Friday, September 29th to begin hospice and she went to heaven on September 30th. We all got to know Rochester Mayo too well that month, but we thank all the doctors and nurses for taking care of Lynette.