Marcell Rowe

Connecting to community is what it is all about

Marcell Rowe graduated from Mankato East High School in 2014 with a higher than 4.0 GPA and was awarded the Ogden W. and Jane M. Confer Scholarship to assist him in attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Marcell has a double major in Accounting and International Community Development. He hopes to “learn the skills to help small communities in foreign environments be able to develop self-sufficiently and sustainability through education, medical care, economy and politics.”

When Marcell was preparing for college, he learned about the Confer Scholarship from his guidance counselor. After looking at huge national scholarships, he “realized there was so much potential with scholarships in my own back yard. I wanted to apply because I felt like it was reliable, you know, in the sense that the donation was close to home.”

Marcell was an active volunteer and community leader in Mankato and he continues to be part of community-building in Tulsa. He volunteers his time Saturday mornings as part of an environmental sustainability group and with a group that helps kids by handing out bags of groceries, toys and clothes. Mondays he spends his time working with other young adults who are learning English and gaining friends. “Whether through sports, volunteerism, spirituality, school events, local 5k runs, local food markets or anything, getting involved is the best thing to do that helps your community and develops yourself, too,” said Marcell. He will undoubtedly go far in life and the Ogden W. and Jane M. Confer Scholarship was here to support him.