Mankato Area Foundation Shared Spaces - A Center for Nonprofit Collaboration

127 S. 2nd Street
Mankato, MN 56001

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For nearly 40 years, a center for nonprofits had been envisioned for the Greater Mankato area community. In early 2014, the Mankato Area Foundation embraced this decades-old dream as a strategic goal and in September of the following year officially opened the doors of Shared Spaces - A Center for Nonprofit Collaboration. With a full roster of long-term tenants, the interminable goal of Shared Spaces is to increase the capacity and effectiveness of the region’s nonprofit sector and philanthropic donors to support a healthy and vibrant Mankato area.

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Parking is available on the first level of Eide Bailly Tower parking ramp immediately adjacent to Shared Spaces-A Center for Nonprofit Collaboration.

Telling Our Story

Designated Gift

Family Connections

Tony Frentz always wanted to find a way to honor his late mother Emy’s memory.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Emy moved to Minnesota at a young age to attend college, where she would study art. She loved art in all forms, though her most used medium was acrylic paint. As she started a family and had children, she taught art classes to both children and adults in her spare time, always encouraging others to find their artistic side. “Besides her family and her friends, her passion was art,” Frentz said.

Sadly, Emy’s time in the Mankato community was cut short when she passed away at age 43. Frentz was only a freshman in college, but he knew that someday he would carry her torch forward however he could. Read More