Mankato Area Foundation (MAF) Announces Major Gifts

KTOE, Mankato, MN (May 1, 2019) — The Mankato Area Foundation (MAF) is thrilled to announce the expansion of Shared Spaces—a Center for Nonprofit Collaboration, thanks to the generous gift of property from Tony Frentz and Rob Else of Neubau Holdings.

In January 2015, MAF purchased a building in the heart of downtown Mankato to create Shared Spaces. The vision was to increase the capacity, collaboration and effectiveness of the region’s nonprofit sector to support a healthy, vibrant and growing Mankato area community. More than $1.3M was raised for this initiative, which was the first of its kind in Minnesota.

Nearly four years later, many of the nonprofit organizations housed in Shared Spaces have expanded their regional footprint, grown their staff and now require additional space. Aware of the circumstances, Frentz and Else approached MAF about donating the adjacent building behind Tandem Bagels. Conveniently located, the two-story multi-tenant space is the perfect opportunity for expansion of the nonprofit center.

“Rob and I are excited to be able to do this for the Foundation and the nonprofit community that uses Shared Spaces,” Frentz said. “We have been working with MAF during the construction of the Eide Bailly Center—next door to their building. It is clear to us how important Shared Spaces is to this community. It was obvious that they need more space, and we are thrilled to be able to help this way.”

“With the addition of this building, we plan to expand to a Shared Spaces campus, with the Foundation moving into a new Philanthropy Center next door,” said Nancy Zallek, President and CEO of MAF. “We will continue to focus on collaboration among nonprofit groups in the current space while the added location will focus on donors and showcase the importance of philanthropy in this community. The potential synergies between the two are very exciting.”

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