Pam DeMarce

Pam DeMarce grew up in Minnesota Lake in a family of five siblings. Her parents were great examples of volunteering and giving back—which set Pam on a path of lifelong volunteering. Pam has a twin sister, Pat Thompson, who volunteers right alongside her for the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life and numerous service clubs.

She worked at Taylor Corporation from 1973 to 2007 in customer service and sales. For 15 years, she worked as Executive Assistant to Brad Schreier, then President of Taylor Corporation. In 2008, she opened the WOW Zone. She is also co-owner of Victory Bowl and Mickey’s Sports Bar.

Twenty-nine years ago, through an annual exam, Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 1995. She made the decision to remove the breast and do breast reconstruction. She also did four chemotherapy treatments and removed her ovaries since the type of cancer was estrogen positive

Pam and her partner, Larry Schmidt, are trying to move into “retirement” and learning how to relax by fishing on the Missouri River. Her niece, Allison Jennings, is running the business so Pam can start down the retirement road.

She enjoys volunteering for many causes in our community through her many Service Clubs. Specifically in the areas of supporting LEEP through Civitan, literacy work through Rotary, Deaf and hard of hearing through Sertoma, diabetes awareness through Sunrise Lions to name a few.