Projects Seeking Sales Tax Funding Aim to Raise Additional Funds

KEYC TV, Mankato, MN (September 19, 2019) — A new arena, an upgraded pool, new facilities and more. Several Mankato projects have applied for a portion of up to $47 million in sales tax funding. They’ve told KEYC about the need for more space or safer facilities.

“You know, in our in-house levels, anywhere between 60-70 plus kids on the ice at the same time," Mankato Area Hockey Association President Adam Arnoldy told KEYC in part earlier this month.

For some of these projects, there's still fundraising to do after they potentially receive that money.

The Mankato Area Hockey Association plans to utilize corporate fundraising, private fundraising and grants to raise $9 million.

The YMCA plans to undergo a feasibility study to determine how they will raise $21 million.

The Mankato Area Youth Baseball Association plans to raise $20,000 a year over a five to ten year period through sponsorships and events during their season.

For other organizations who are still early on in the process for applying for funding, such as the Mankato Area Pickleball Association, their fundraising plan is not yet clear.

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